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        Rong Hui Business School

        Rong Hui Business School, a subsidiary of Rong Hui Group, is China's first comprehensive practice base for amoeba operating with the integration of“universities, research institutes and industries”, officially inaugurated on December 4, 2015.

        On the basis of Inamori Kazuo's management thought, Rong Hui Business School has created a model of Rong Hui Chemical, an amoeba operating practice, with innovative management ideas. It has achieved great success, attracting many enterprises that encounter difficulties in the management process to come to observe and learn, and landing the results in the enterprise management.

        In the future, the school will take it as its own duty to help enterprises maintain high profits and multiply their development in a complex way. Through the way of "amoeba operating philosophy plus practical learning", it will create a unique Chinese amoeba operating to realize profits in every link of the enterprise through the mechanism, creating an industrial miracle.

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