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        Public Welfare

        Ronghui Commonweal

        Rong Hui Group has always advocated the philosophy that enterprise development and social responsibility go hand in hand and has been actively engaged in public welfare activities. Rong Hui public welfare activities include focusing on helping the weak and the poor, assisting teaching and students, and jointly constructing public welfare ecology. In 2012, Rong Hui United Chongqing Charity Federation to set up a "Rong Hui Charity Fund", enabling more vulnerable groups in society to share the fruits of economic development and bring promising future to them through the development of "Teacher Support Plan", "Hui’s Love Charity Plan", donation and construction of Rong Hui Hope Primary School and Love Library. In 2018, Rong Hui Group sets up a "Fanghua Senior 3 Award" in Fuzhou No.3 Middle School to honor and encourage teachers of graduating class.

        Meanwhile, Rong Hui public welfare advocates a charitable concept, namely using innovative public welfare methods to drive more people to practice in public welfare and promote its sustainability. As Chinese old saying goes, "A single tree does not make a forest", Rong Hui public welfare hopes to promote a more complete public welfare ecology

        Concerned about the educational and medical problems of the leftbehind children, we have donated and built four "Rong Hui Hope Primary School", 90 "Love Library", one "Rong Hui Dream-Fulfillment Classone", one "Rong Hui Hope Paradise" and one "Rong Hui Hope Computer Room". We join hands with enterprise employees, professionals, customers and volunteers, as well as partners to participate in public welfare activities. The footprint of Rong Hui Group has spread to over 30 rural schools in Fujian, Chongqing, Shandong, Anhui and other provinces and cities.
        We spare no efforts to care for vulnerable groups, practicing the spirit of voluntary service to help the weak and the needy. We lend our hands to poor families, the elderly and other poor people, promoting the virtue of mutual help and friendship, making vulnerable groups feel the warmth of the social family. So far, tens of millions of yuan have been donated.
        The development of a society, like tropical rain forests, requires a multi-level, multi-species environment that supports and nourishes each other. Rong Hui public welfare hopes to mobilize more people to jointly build a public welfare system and ecology through innovation of public welfare methods.
        2019, Rong Hui Group's "For Mother's Smile" Public Welfare Exhibition
        2019, Donation Ceremony of Rong Hui Love Library
        2019, Rong Hui Group’s Donation for Fixed-point Poverty Alleviation During Dragon Boat Festival
        2018, Rong Hui Group’s Donation for Fixed-point Poverty Alleviation During Dragon Boat Festival
        2018, Donation Ceremony of Rong Hui Love Library
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