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        Hot Spring

        Hot Spring Culture and Tourism is one of the core businesses of Rong Hui Group. As a leading hot spring industrial development leader in China, Rong Hui has continuously created one hot spring product after another with rich hot spring development experience, extensive hot spring industrial contacts, technical resources and mature operation and management team.

        After more than ten years of development, a strategic setup has been formed with Chongqing as the center to radiate across southwest, northwest and east China. In addition to its own investment and development projects, Rong Hui Hot Spring also outputs hot spring project development with rich development and operation experience. At the same time, Rong Hui Group also actively cooperates with the certification from Aquacert International, and plans to create more hot spring products featuring professional medical health. Rong Hui Hot Spring will use ecological hot springs to add value to function of leisure and entertainment, medical and health so as to create leading domestic hot spring development products.

        With the vision of building city with hot springs, Rong Hui Hot Spring has established its own position in the world hot spring tourist industry, playing its due value in the fields of city functional improvement, city image promotion and promotion of regional economic development.

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