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        Focus on new energy and new chemical materials on the basis of Chloralkali chemical industry Relying on the extension and expansion of product chain and industrial chain, supplemented by industrial funds,Invest in and operate in China's fine chemical industry

        Wuhu Rong Hui Chemical Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Rong Hui Group, the first private chlor-alkali chemical enterprise in Anhui Province, and also the successful model of the first amoeba operating "production, study and research" comprehensive practice base in China.

        Adhering to the enterprise spirit of "loyalty and diligence, dedication and self-improvement", Rong Hui Chemical Co., Ltd. has developed from an enterprise with only over 100 million assets to a "national high-tech enterprise" with an area of 480,000 square meters, 1.6 billion assets and a "provincial enterprise technology center", which has become a leader in chlor-alkali hazardous chemicals production.

        Rong Hui Chemical Co., Ltd. is located in Wuhu City with more than 800 employees. It mainly produces ionic membrane caustic soda, liquid chlorine, PVC resin, industrial hydrochloric acid, sodium hypochlorite, chloromethyl ether, chlorinated polyethylene resin, trichloroethylene(40,000 t/a), tetrachloroethane and other products. In addition, a number of fine chemical projects with state-of-the-art technologies and devices at home and abroad, such as chlorine and hydrogen products projects, are under construction.

        With advanced production technology, ionic membrane caustic soda, PVC resin and chloromethyl ether produced by Rong Hui chemical are all famous brand products in Anhui Province. The output of chloromethyl ether products ranks first in the country. The production capacity of ionic membrane caustic soda and sodium hypochlorite products are both ranked first in Anhui Province. "Jiu Jiang" liquid chemical products and "Shan Jiang" solid chemical products are widely applied to chemical, pharmaceutical, paper making, light industry, textile and other industries.

        Rong Hui Chemical boasts well-equipped utilities and professional good port logistics services. It has the water plant, circulating water station, 110 kv main substation and each section substation. There are specialized terminal docks capable of handling 10,000 tons solid and 1,000 tons of liquid hazardous chemicals in the port area.

        Rong Hui Chemical attaches great importance to scientific and technological innovation and research and development of new products, and has set up technology centers and research and development centers. In 2012, Rong Hui Chemical and Hefei University of Technology cooperated in the preparation of the "Anhui Chlorinated Polyolefin New Materials Engineering Technology Research Center", which was approved by Anhui Science and Technology Department. Through independent innovation, research and development, we have embarked on a road of innovation with integration of enterprises, research institutes and universities.

        We adhere to the enterprise tenet of "integrating resources, pooling talents and achieving first-class results" and carry forward the enterprise spirit of "simplicity and loyalty, diligence and dedication, endless self-improvement". We follow the business philosophy of "continuous improvement, mutual benefit and win-win" and establish the core values of "responsibility, innovation and excellence". We take safety in production and environmental protection as our own responsibility, striving to build an enterprise culture atmosphere that features people-oriented, sincere cooperation, positive and innovative development, serving the society and mutual benefit and win-win. Rong Hui chemical makes great efforts to realize harmonious and sustainable development of society, company, shareholders and employees.

        • Qualification and certification

          National quality management system GB/T19001-2000

          GB/T24001-2004 Environmental management system

          GB/T 28001-2001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System (Trinity) Certification

          National Security Standardization Secondary Enterprises

          GB/T19022-2003 measurement management system AA certification

        • Honors

          China's Chemical Enterprises Top 500 in Economic Benefits

          China's Top 100 Chemical Industries

          Top 100 Private Enterprises in Anhui Province

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