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        Real Estate

        Rong Hui Real Estate Group

        Rong Hui Real Estate Group, with Chongqing, Fujian, Shandong and Anhui as its main strategic bases, radiates across the surrounding areas.

        Enterprise positioning: Initiator of China's New Industrial Town
        Strategic layout: Rooting in Chongqing, Fuzhou, Jinan and Wuhu, radiating across the surrounding cities.
        Investment mode: Adhering to the development mode of "two potentials and three WITHs", that is, to meet the municipal potential and the regional potential needs WITH necessary industrial support, WITH a linkage mechanism between the primary and secondary land planning and developing , WITH vast stretches of construction area.

        Rong Hui Real Estate Group relies on industries and takes real estate as a carrier, forming a compound development mode of “real estate development plus the development and operation of characteristic hot-spring-based commercial industry”. We have successively developed large-scale Industrial city projects such as Chongqing Rong Hui Hot Spring Town, Chongqing Rong Hui Peninsula, Fuzhou Hot Spring Town and Jinan Rong Hui Town. As a major proper developer, we integrate the comprehensive development of natural and socioeconomic resources, ensuring the synchronized development of city, citizens’ livelihood and economy, hence promoting regional economic development.

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