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        About Us

        • Converging the World and Achieving Dreams

          We make unremitting efforts to explore better city life. By providing innovative and good products and services, we can improve people's life and enable them to enjoy a harmonious and open city space and a comfortable and high-quality living environment so as to realize the harmonious coexistence between man and nature, man and city, man and buildings, man and man. We will also promote the healthy development of city life, enabling people to live and work in peace and contentment, and realizing their dreams both in life and career.

        • Honesty, Responsibility, Quality, Sustainability

          Honesty:We not only need to understand the needs of our customers, but also should be their trusted partners to grow together toward the future on the win-win base. Honesty to employees, partners, government and the public is our consistent commitment. Responsibility: In order to establish a long-term, mature and value-sharing stable relationship with customers, we should strictly shoulder our corporate responsibility within the enterprise and assume social responsibility outside the enterprise. Quality:High standards and demanding products and services are the key driving force for enterprise development. We offer our partners the highest quality assurance through fair play and standard behavior. Sustainability:The harmonious coexistence of man and nature, man and city, man and architecture, and man and man is our vision. Taking sustainability as the goal, we will continuously explore the city's living mode and the benign development mode of the city's economy so as to create better products, services and life for every Chinese family.
        • Satisfaction from Customers, Employees, Investors and the Society

        • Results Create Value; Results Change Destiny; Results Win Dignity

          Rong Hui Group advocates a result-oriented executive culture, namely, "5R Management System".
          The "7 MUSTs" illustrate key points of our management, namely:
          Every job MUST be done with a goal. Every goal MUST be achieved with a plan.Every plan MUST be implemented. Every implementation MUST bring results.Every result MUST be reviewed. Every review MUST be responsible.Every responsibility MUST be rewarded or punished.
          "5R Management System" is a micro management system to ensure the realization of macro objectives of enterprises. "5R Management System" starts from "R1 Represent" in "Micro Control", and forms a self-circulating management closed loop through "R2 Responsibility", "R3 Review", "R4 RealTime" and "R5 Reproduction". Applying "5R" to the macro management framework, we aim to ensure everything under control.

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