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        About Us

        Rong Hui Group has embarked on the road of diversification with our own characteristics and marks of the New Era in the past 3 decades.

        Looking back, there was no lack of twists and turns, but we have never wavered in pursuit of our dreams. We still firmly believe that going along the right path is the foundation of an enterprise's operation and development. It means adhering to the bottom line of enterprise ethics. , that is, honesty, law-abiding and the basic business morality.

        Careful selection and sincere completion of each project are our development wisdom which keeps pace with the trend of the times. Going along the right path and keeping honesty are our development principles, which should be adhered to when we are addressing various challenges and problems at different stages. No matter how radical the environment changes, it is always the most important mission and responsibility for us to provide our customers with quality products and value-added services.

        I hope Rong Hui can become a sustainable enterprise with strength and resilience, sense of mission and sense of responsibility. This is my dream and it has never changed. In an era with harmony and coexistence as its theme, we will continue to consolidate such competitive industries as industrial real estate, hot-spring-based culture & tourism, chemical industry, commercial property management, residential property management and construction engineering, and landscape engineering, etc. Meanwhile, through continuous innovation and empowerment, we will optimize the industrial management mode with dual-wheel drive and multiple developments of capital and industry to stimulate the sustainable development of Chinese cities in terms of entrepreneurship, employment, living and working in peace and contentment.

        In the future, we will go deeper in familiar areas. At the same time we will understand the new rules, finding new partners and new tools to create products and services more in line with market demand and improve people's lives. We will create opportunities for people to live and work in peace and contentment and help more people realize their booming-career and happy-life dreams so as to promote the sound development of urbanization. I also firmly believe that Rong Hui will become a sustainable century-old enterprise.

        Huang Zushi, founder of Rong Hui Group, is a famous Hong Kong entrepreneur, whose ancestral home is in Fuqing City, Fujian Province. He is currently a member of the Fifth CPPCC Standing Committee of Chongqing, deputy director of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Overseas Chinese and Foreign Affairs Committee of Chongqing CPPCC, chairman of Rong Hui Group, chairman of Rong Hui Real Estate Group,president of Fujian Chamber of Commerce in Chongqing and Chairman of Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce in Chongqing.He is also the former vice president and lifetime honorary advisor of China Hot Springs Tourism Association (CHSTA), state-level hot spring star assessor, specialist advisor of Chongqing Hot Spring Tourism Industry Association . He is also the founder of the leading brand of China's hot springs tourism complex.


        2012"Big City Rise" city contribution leader, the "Influence Ji’nan" Economic Figure of the Year, the 2nd Lu Zuofu Contribution Nomination Award

        2011Fuzhou Public Welfare Donation Big Banyan Gold Award

        2010Chongqing Real Estate Figure of the Year, "Happy Chongqing" Real Estate Contribution Leader Award

        2009Western Taiwan Straits Economic Zone Real Estate Most Influential Real Estate Figure

        2008Wuhu City's Second Outstanding Builders of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics

        2007China (Western Taiwan Straits Economic Zone) Blue Chip Real Estate Special Achievement Real Estate Figure

        2006China's Top Ten Leading Villa Developers

        2003Fujian Province Top Ten Economic Figure of the Year

        2002Chinese Real Estate Outstanding Figure

        2001Fuzhou Top Ten Outstanding Entrepreneurs

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