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        About Us

        Rong Hui Group

        Rong Hui Group is founded in Hong Kong by the key founder, Mr. Huang Zushi. After many years of robust development, we have become one of China's leading investment groups.We have invested in three major fields, namely city construction and operation, hot-spring-based culture & tourism and fine chemical industry, including industrial real estate, hot-spring-based culture & tourism, chemical industry,hotel, construction engineering and landscape engineering, etc.

        With real estate development as its core industry, hot- spring-based tourism and chemical industry as its auxiliary industries, and "compound market operation, highend urban operation and sustainable development" as its core competitiveness, Rong Hui Group has always been committed to exploring the innovation of urban living mode and the sustainable development of urban economy

        With new technologies, materials and processes, the city's living ecology saw great change. By optimizing the living environment and public services and other city functions, we also promote the transformation and upgrading of industries and boost China's urbanization process so as to create a better life for every city family.

        In the era of cross-border resource integration, Rong Hui Group promotes the healthy interaction between the secondary and tertiary industries. Relying on real estate development and taking hotspring-based tourism, new materials and new energy chemicals as the development direction, with the harmonious coexistence of human and nature, human and city, human and architecture, and human and human as the corporate vision, we continuously explore better-quality products, benign and sustainable development of enterprise operation mode to create a better life for society and individuals.

        Four Major Strategic Bases
        "Two Potentials and Three WITHs" Development Mode
        Real Estate Development Plus Industrial Strategies

        Under the background of new economy and urban operation, we should develop comprehensive towns in regional central cities with strategic potential, taking real estate as the carrier and combining industry with large residential community. We should integrate the development of natural and social resources to realize the synchronous development of real estate and value-added industries.

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